Suzanne Farrin


The Stimulus of Loss (2016)

for glissando headjoint and ondes martenot




“Like field recordings from inside the cerebral cortex,” (Timeout Chicago). Suzanne Farrin’s music explores the interior worlds of instruments and the visceral potentialities of sound. Her music has been interpreted by some of the great musicians of today on stages across the world. She is also an active performer of the ondes Martenot.

She is the Frayda Lindemann Professor of Music at Hunter College and the C.U.N.Y. Graduate Center. She holds a doctorate from Yale University. Corpo di Terra, an album released on New Focus Recordings, is devoted entirely to her music, which may also be heard on the VAI, Signum Classics, Tundra and Albany Records labels.




The Stimulus of Loss

A friend introduced me to the idea of Emily Dickinson’s letters. He quoted a phrase in a talk that I found astounding (“to multiply the harbors does not diminish the sea”). As I went searching for that phrase, I began to read others along the way, each with its own sparkling revelation of her genius.

–Suzanne Farrin