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Providing educational tools for young flutists.

ABOUT DensitySeeds

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DensitySeeds provides access and innovative, inclusive points of entry to the Density 2036 repertoire for a younger generation of flutists. 

By taking the existing Density 2036 catalog of commissioned pieces from our Living Archive and harvesting out of it a new repertoire of miniature, youth-friendly versions of these works, we invite young musicians to make the pieces their own. 

The second in a series of DensitySeeds, download the all new composition "Slow Moon Climbs; the deep" (2021), by Liza Lim. Grab some crayons and color in the accompanying drawing to “Slow Moon Climbs; the deep” by Constance Volk.


DensitySeeds composition, “life, life, life” (2020), an adaptation of Richard Beaudoin’s 2016 work for Claire and Roomful of Teeth. Check out the accompanying maze to “life, life, life” by Constance Volk. The maze begins at the arrow and weaves you through a message hidden in the branches...


Beginning in 2021, DensitySeeds will host a quarterly online forum to discuss a particular work with Claire and a featured composer, and to welcome questions, stories and innovations from a growing community of musicians. These pieces are also designed for any curious flutist of any age!

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