Mario Diaz de León

Luciform for flute and electronics (2013) 




Mario Diaz de Leon is a composer and performer, whose works have been described as “21st century chamber music that couples crystalline clarity with the disorienting turbulence of a sonic vortex” (Wire Magazine).  Born in Minnesota in 1979, he grew up playing guitar in hardcore punk and metal bands before attending Oberlin Conservatory, where he studied electronic music and composition.  He has lived in in New York City since 2004, and received his doctorate in music composition from Columbia University in 2013.   “The Soul is the Arena”, his most recent album with International Contemporary Ensemble, was released on the Denovali label in July 2015.




Luciform for flute and electronics (2013) 

Latin lux, lucis  (light) + form, "light-form"
Lucifer "light-bearer", "the morning star"

Seeking illumination through transgression of boundaries.

Luciform is a concerto for flute and electronic music. Luciform is a journey inward, a movement through a series of vision states.  A difficult path, a rite of passage, hovering between diabolical intensity and lucid wakefulness.