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Du Yun


An Empty Garlic for bass flute and electronics (2014)

Commissioned by Project&

Gradient Density for tape (2013)




Du Yun, born and raised in Shanghai, China, currently based in New York, is a composer, performer and performance artist, working at the intersection of orchestral, opera, chamber music, theatre, cabaret, pop music, oral tradition, visual arts, electronics and noise. Hailed by the New York Times as a leading figure in China’s new generation of composers and often cited as a key activist in New York's "new movement in new music," Du Yun's music is championed by some of today's finest performing artists, ensembles orchestras and organizations Known as "protean' and "chameleonic," the National Public Radio voted her as 100 composers under 40 in 2011. Her music can be heard on New Focus, Oxingale and Deutsche Grammophon.  In 2014 she was appointed as the artistic director of MATA, a pioneering international festival dedicated to commissioning and presenting young composers from around the world under age 40.



Program Notes

An Empty Garlic

In memoriam for a beloved friend, An Empty Garlic draws on the sarabande, a baroque dance form, and more specifically one well known from Bach’s A minor Partita for solo flute. At the same time, it was inspired by one of Rumi’s mystical poems. “I often wonder about bereavement,” Du Yun writes in the program notes for the 2014 premiere. “When and how it pauses, recharges, morphs and restarts… I am so close to you I am distant, I am so mingled with you I am apart, I am so open I am hidden, I am so strong I totter.”


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