Dai Fujikura


Lila for flute, bass flute and contrabass flute (2015)




Dai Fujikura


Although Dai Fujikura was born in Osaka, he has now spent more than 20 years in the UK where he studied composition with Edwin Roxburgh, Daryl Runswick and George Benjamin. 

A quick glance at his list of commissions and performances reveals he is fast becoming a truly international composer. His music is not only performed in the country of his birth or his adopted home, but is now performed in venues as geographically diverse as Caracas and Oslo, Venice and Schleswig-Holstein, Lucerne and Paris.

His opera, Solaris, was co-produced in both France and Switzerland.





This piece is based on the solo part of the flute concerto that I have also written for Claire Chase.

Lila, as well as the flute concerto, tells a story from the flute player's point of view, starting with a light poetic variety of sounds that are produced and related by the player's articulations, then dance like cascades. After that there is a sensual romantic melodic line with quarter tones, then a cadenza part with bass flute (or contrabass flute) overblowing, for which I wanted to make fast rhythmic music that I thought would be an opposite to the usual impression of what a low-range big flute, like contra or bass flute, does.

The title Lila means "play" in Sanskrit.