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A new ecosystem for flute music.



Density 2036 is a 24-year project launched in 2013 to create a new body of repertory for the flute each year until the 100th anniversary of Edgard Varèse’s groundbreaking 1936 flute solo, Density 21.5. Claire Chase, the project’s founder and artistic director, will commission, premiere, and record a new program of flute music every year until 2036. Each composition in the cycle will expand the boundaries of the instrument. Central to the project is a commitment to supporting an international, multigenerational community of flutists who will take the nascent Density repertoire in bold new interpretive directions through the Density Fellows, Density Seeds, and Density Roots initiatives. Density 2036 is a project of Density Arts, Inc., a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization chartered in New York dedicated to the advancement of contemporary flute music in the 21st century. The Density Fellows program, launched this season in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Density project, will provide ten exceptional emerging flutists with the resources to intensively study Density repertoire of their choosing. Fellows will receive mentorship from Claire Chase and the Density composers, as well as support for their own performances and recordings. The Density Seeds program makes possible the performance of miniature works adapted from the larger Density catalog that are playable by flutists of all ages; the “seeds” are freely downloadable on our website. The Density Roots initiative is an open-source, community-controlled interactive map that will archive performances of Density repertoire by flutists worldwide over the 24-year span of the project. For the ten-year anniversary of Density 2036 from May 18-25th, 2023, Chase performed all Density commissions up to the present in a series of concerts at Carnegie’s Zankel Hall and in free performances at the Kitchen’s Westbeth Loft as part of Carnegie Hall Citywide. Read about it here.



Recently described by The New York Times as “the North Star of her instrument’s ever-expanding universe,” Claire Chase is a musician, interdisciplinary artist, and educator. Passionately dedicated to the creation of new ecosystems for the music of our time, Chase has given the world premieres of hundreds of new works by a new generation of artists.

Photo: Walter Wlodarczyk.
Artwork: Polly Apfelbaum. 


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Density 2036 and its educational offshoots are made possible by a robust, diverse community of supporters who are passionate about contemporary music. The generous contributions of our community help us create a new ecology for new music. Please join our efforts by making a tax-deductible donation to Density Arts, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) organization chartered in New York state. 


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